About Pink Diamonds.

It is not entirely clear why pink diamonds have this color. It is believed that the color is obtained as a result of extraordinary pressure under the Earth's surface called plastic deformation.When the pressure pushes the diamond closer to the surface, their structure changes, refracts light, and produces a pink color.Few people know that occasional violet and blue diamonds are also mined in the Argyle mine.Very rarely nature offers us a gift in the form of purple diamonds.

pink diamonds

They contain trace elements such as hydrogen, nitrogen and nickel, which also affect their color. This compilation of pressure and added elements makes them unique and sets them apart from blue diamonds from other parts of the world.They are highly valued by collectors and sought after by investors, jewelers and their clients as well as famous people.They are valued by all who possess them - for their unique origin, innate beauty and rarity.

The land in the eastern Kimberly region of Western Australia is beautiful, rich and unique. It is an area rich in natural heritage that attracts in a deep and mysterious way. The amazing landscape is as rare as the pink diamonds it provides. The breathtaking area with brown-yellow terrain and an unbelievably blue sky is the birthplace of the rarest diamonds.The color classification of pink diamonds from Argyle is based on three important features: Color - as the dominant color feature; Saturation - the intensity of the color.

pink diamonds

Which ranges from bright to saturated and the most intense vivid; Tone - the amount of light and shadow in the diamond.After all, an "average" pink diamond is not necessarily big - in fact, only a small percentage has more than one carat. The greater the brightness and intensity of the color, the more rare and more expensive the stone is.


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